Facial Treatments

Introducing our "escape facial" using the multi Awarding winning Tropic skincare

We believe your skin is worth investing in and we want to offer you the opportunity to give your complexion the best chance at a fresh start by trying our Facial Selection.

Discover our multi awarding winning natural, cruelty free, vegan and carbon neutral range of skincare products here at "escape"

All Skin Is beautifully different, and so the combination of products we will use will be tailor-made to what your skin needs.

Nourish - Rejuvenate - Anti-Aging -Blemish control - Hydrate - Brighten - Resurface - Purify

This is were Tropic comes into play along side Lauras knowledge for skin and passion for relaxation and pamper you will receive your very own prescriptive facial. With Laura and Tropic together this really is the perfect combination.


Cleanse, tone and exfoliate with a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Mask and moisturise leaving your skin purified and radiant. Customised products chosen especially for your skin. Feel refreshed and revitalised for the rest of the day! (1 hour)


Cleanse, tone and exfoliate with specialised mask to suit your skin. Gives you the "perk me up" feeling when time is of the essence (30mins)

Another amazing opportunity for your skin all these products can be purchased for you to get the perfect skin regime everyday. Please visit our Tropic shop on the link below

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